Welcome to the Conservative Holiness movement!

The "Conservative Holiness movement" (CHM) refers to a group of denominations and independent churches, as well as Bible schools, missions groups, and other para-church organizations, that hold to a core system of doctrinal and lifestyle beliefs.  Like any "movement," there is considerable variation from church to church, but the two general distinctives of the movement are reflected in the phrase "conservative holiness."

"Holiness" refers to the belief in entire sanctification, the Wesleyan doctrine of cleansing from inbred sin as a second work of grace after conversion.

"Conservative" refers to the movement's emphasis on traditional moral values, including simplicity of dress and lifestyle. 

Why conservativeholiness.org?

The purpose for conservativeholiness.org is two-fold. 

First, to provide resources to pastors, Sunday school teachers, and others in the Conservative Holiness movement.  Links and resources are being added as they become available, so feel free to send any suggestions for resources to steve@conservativeholiness.org.

Second, to have a place for inquirers to learn more about CHM doctrine and theology.  Whether you are a curious inquirer, a life-long member of the CHM, or somewhere in between, I pray that this site will be a blessing to you!

Contact us!

Email: steve@conservativeholiness.org

This site is maintained by Dr. Steve Oliver, an elder in the Bible Methodist Church and the president of Upward Call Media.